About Us

Who Are We?

We at ThriftGames believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality games irrespective of their conditions either financial or circumstantial. 

To facilitate this we ensure to offer the most competitive prices on your favourite games. We understand that there are sometimes when this is not enough and therefore we offer a service that is very unique in this line of business that is allowing EMIs on digital goods such as video games and software.
We at ThriftGames take pride in making Gaming more accessible to a bigger audience.

We understand you,
With taxes being high as they are, we understand. ThriftGames not only makes games more accessible and feasible but it also lets you keep most of your cash with you which allows you to focus on buying better hardware to enjoy the games you buy from us.


Founder : Siddharth Gokarn
Phone : 9769930487
Email : siddharthgokarn69@gmail.com
Discord : Infy#4071